08.11 PULSEWheels ~ Get Your Mojo Here!

Mojo Motors’ new website offers members-only prices on used cars from local dealers

By Steph Moore

Mojo Motors has just launched its new online used car and truck shopping site at www.mojomotors.com ~ and trust me, the dramatically redesigned site will forever change the way those of us who go the used car route shop for and buy cars. Created by leading auto industry veterans, Mojo Motors gives consumers an edge ~ otherwise known as “mojo!” ~ by providing its members access to upfront discounts from local dealers ~ before they even set foot in a dealership (that means no shuttling from dealer to dealer, no scary-aggressive sales people, no haggling!). pulsewheels-mojo-motors-lo-copy

These discount prices are available only to buyers who sign up for the free and private (none of the information shared with Mojo is shared with the dealers or any other third party) Mojo Membership ~ and Mojo Motors guarantees that the member-only prices are the lowest available on the Internet ~ even lower than AutoTrader and Cars.com.

“We verify every Mojo Price is the lowest price on the Internet before listing the car on MojoMotors.com. That’s our guarantee to Mojo Members – the lowest price,” explains Paul Nadjarian, CEO of Mojo Motors and former eBay Motors executive. “What we are doing is unprecedented among used car shopping sites…It’s a no-brainer, when you shop for your next car, start with a Mojo Price.”

142129v2-copySo how does it all work on our side of things? It’s simple ~ just enter the car or truck model you’re interested in and start browsing the inventory ~ then to view the special low Mojo Prices, you have to register as member (so really, registering as a member before you get started is the way to go). When you find a car you like, print out the page and contact or visit the dealership with the discounted price in-hand ~ you know the dealer is going to honor the price because of its relationship with Mojo ~ and it’s time for a test drive!

As far as how things work from the dealers’ and Mojo’s end, it’s pretty straightforward, too: dealers enter and set their discounted pricing information through Mojo’s proprietary web-based inventory pricing software that allows dealers to set discounts that are competitive with other dealers in their local markets. Dealers know they’re only reaching people who are serious about buying a car and Mojo collects a marketing fee from dealers only when a Mojo member purchases a car.

It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone involved!

So if you are ready to buy a car, now is the perfect time to sign up for Mojo membership ~ and then you can head to one of the local dealerships that has partnered with Mojo: Harr Toyota Scion, Harr Chrysler Dodge Jeep, and Diamond Chevrolet (the Diamond Auto Group) in Worcester, Wagner BMW in Shrewsbury, and Westborough GMC.