04.11 Up & Comers

Here are bands & artists you may not have heard of yet…but they have major potential and you get to read about them here, right before they make it big!  And “Graduates” are musicians we highlighted in past issues whose careers, as we predicted, have really taken off!


By Alex Kantarelis

up-and-comers-wolfbane-copyTo anyone who tells you that rock music is dead, tell them to give Wolfbane a listen.  The five-piece hard rock/metal-ish band has been tearing it up throughout New England with their monstrous sound and explosive live show, bringing the noise and the party to every show they play.

While the members of the band have been friends for 14 years, they got their start just last year in Haverhill, which is a city known more for hardcore, punk, and metal than  for rock.  The roots of Haverhill’s hardcore influence is still apparent in Wolfbane’s sound, which can best be described as a mix between older bands like Guns ‘n’ Roses and Motley Crue and current metal bands Avenged Sevenfold and Death By Stereo.   “Our sound is like a rock and roll roller-coaster,” guitarist Timmy Tombstone said. “It’s straight up heavy rock and roll.”

While their tunes totally rock, it’s their live show and appetite for partying that sets them apart from everyone else.  When they get off stage, the night is far from over for both them and their fans.  The guys are known to throw parties after shows, inviting anyone and everyone who wants to join them.  “That offers an opportunity for people to see us and to get to know us,” Tombstone said.

They have a 5 song EP called Deathproof which came out last October and is available for streaming and downloading on their Facebook page.  The recording lead to their first music video for the title track on the EP, which is a perfect display of what the band is all about.  They plan to spend the rest of 2011 bringing the party to every show they play, and hope to record a full length by the end of the year.  Definitely check them out.  You’ll be glad you did.


Our Lives In Motion

By Katey Khaos

up-and-comers-our-lives-in-copyWorcester’s own Our Lives In Motion is composed of Dave Beaudreau (vocals), Tony Langone (guitar),  Justin Chapman (guitar), and Jeff Amadei (drums). The band has only been on the music scene since the summer of ’09, but since then they’ve managed to hook a nationwide listening audience. They’ve also had the opportunity to play multiple venues on the 2010 Vans Warped Tour and were voted one of PureVolume.com’s Top Unsigned Bands of 2010.

Their E.P Salvation in Secrets is sure to catch your ears ~ especially for those of you who are fans of bands like Anberlin and Emarosa. As front man Dave Beaudreau puts it, “[We] are an ambient rock band with roots from all over. We don’t like to completely label ourselves [as] one specific genre because we try to bring as much as possible to the table and allow listeners to make their own judgments about us.”

Our Lives In Motion is currently back in the studio, working on their first full length album, Stages, which is set to be released…right about now!  From the new album, fans can expect a “bigger version” of Our Lives In Motion, says Beaudreau. Stages will feature eight tracks with a more developed sound. Our Lives In Motion assures fans that although the album will be different from the E.P., Stages will still have the Our Lives In Motion stamp ~ just with more to offer!  The new album will be “…very ambient, but at the same time very hard hitting,” says Amadei.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Our Lives In Motion on tour this summer, and pick up their new album Stages. In the meantime, you can check out their debut E.P, Salvation in Secrets, on iTunes!