2011 Worcester Music Awards



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  1. Ann Marie says:

    VOTE FOR GLENN STEWART – HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ANN MARIE says:

    GLENN STEWART – HE IS NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. James says:

    I like the bands on this list. Naturally, you need to go to frequent the clubs in town in order to see a fair cross-section of bands, but I have seen several of these bands and each drew a good crowd.
    I like Tester and The Reach, Mongrel for punk and Cougar Bait for Up and Comers. They were the surprise band that blew me away last summer at The Lucky Dog. Two great guitarists, kick ass original rock songs, and they close with a cover Bowie’s Mooonage Daydream that will blow you away. The lead singer is like 7′ tall and he jumps around like a nut.
    Over-all I think that this year’s talent is a step up from last year.

    James from Worcester

  4. GEE says:

    A TON OF BLUES lives up to the name!

  5. Kane says:

    John- Not sure how much beer you are driking at these shows. If this is the best female vocalist in Worcester I must be missing something.


  6. not you! says:

    TESTER is up for 4 awards & should win all 4 awards.

  7. DonnaFullman says:

    Best Female Vocalist? Lori Diamond!!
    She has such class and beauty.
    The closest you will get to Joni Mitchell.
    I hope she visits the UK soon.
    Good luck Lori!

  8. Betty Tradup says:


  9. Jenny says:

    Not only is Niki Luparelli the sexiest women I’ve ever met but also has one of the best shows in town. Hell of a voice!

  10. Mishka Milstid says:

    Voting for The Jazz Depot! Katy Shea has such a beautiful voice!

  11. John says:

    @”Kane” – have you even been to a show? Roberta is very talented. If she’s not YOUR favorite, vote for someone else! I think maybe you’re still mad that she dumped you. “Kane”

  12. Judy says:

    Hot Day At The Zoo!
    Upstate NY loves ya 😉

  13. E.M. Gerhard says:

    Best Rap/Hip Hop Act: DUBF

  14. Rick Brown says:

    FIVE HOLE, FIVE HOLE, FIVE HOLE, FIVE HOLE, FIVE HOLE, FIVE HOLE, FIVE HOLE. We want FIVE HOLE man.Best band around!!!!!!! Oh Yeah!!!!! Five Hole Rocks!!! Good Luck you guys. You deserve it! You guys have worked so hard at what you do. All the Best!

  15. Richy D. says:

    I would vote for anyone as long as it isn’t that overly talentless band Mongrel. They suck.

  16. Holmes says:


  17. Jake Sellers says:

    A vote for The Hot Guys at the Zoo, best Americana act.

  18. Israel says:

    Jon Short

  19. Gretchen says:

    HOT DAY AT THE ZOOOOOO!!!! 😀 These guys are a blast, and talented, too!! Who else does a stip act mid-set?!

  20. Lisa Dunton says:

    Hot Day At The Zoo!!!!!!!

  21. Kelly Thiel says:

    Hot Day at the Zoo!! All the way!

  22. Amy says:


  23. Bill says:

    Hot Day at the Zoo Def gets my vote… See you guys at the Waterhole soon!!! Hopefully!!!

  24. Bill says:

    Oh yeah that was Hot Day for best americana act just to clarify

  25. M says:

    Hot Day At The Zoo!!!

  26. Amy says:

    I vote for Hot Day at the Zoo, best Americana act

  27. Josh C says:

    Hot day at the zoo!!!!!!!!!!! Keep jamin NH..

  28. Erin McCafferty says:

    Hot Dat at the Zoo = Best Americana Act !!

  29. gi feeney says:

    hot day at the zoo, awesome band.

  30. Have the results been published? I’ve (over?)looked www.thepulsemag.com/wordpress/ and cannot find any results.

  31. Tim Comeau says:

    Hot Day At The Zoo for americana!

  32. gil says:

    hot day at the zoo baby!

  33. CBS Radio says:

    Jacqueline Seymour takes the cake when it comes to incredible vocals and Best pop Act and Electronica Act. She has outdone herself working as her own management and is not only known nationally but internationally too!She is supported by Avril Lavigne along with now Tiesto. Jacqueline should have also been nominated for sexiest Artist as she is by far the most gorgeous female vocalist inside and out around. And as far as solo act too. She is going to be on one of the most famous talk shows on television soon too!

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