11.10 DormCo.com Has What Your Dorm Room Needs!

college-dorm-dot-com-thing-copyBy Regina Adams

DormCo.com, a new online retailer designed exclusively to offer quality, affordable, discounted dormitory room supplies for students, is a one-stop-shop where you can get all the essentials and accessories you need and want your “home away from home.” They want to make you feel as comfortable as possible so that your dorm experience is a positive and productive on ~ and to do that, DormCo.com caters to dorm room essentials all year ‘round with more than 1,400 items to choose from to enhance the college experience. Products range from twin XL bedding and bathroom accessories to rugs and wall decorations; space savers and organizers to security products and much more.

What makes DormCo.com different? First, while big chain stores tend to focus on dorm product sales just a few weeks per year, DormCo.com is there for you 365 days a year, fully stocked. Also, finding and buying everything needed to outfit a dorm is not only difficult, but also expensive. DornCo.com solves both those problems. Everything on the DormCo.com site is offered at near wholesale pricing and shipping is guaranteed at a flat rate of $2.95 for the entire order. DormCo also offers weekly deals where specific dorm accessories and necessities are featured at lower than normal pricing.

Here are some of the hottest 2010 dorm items on DormCo.com:

1. Stickr Frames – Peel N Stick Dorm Decor wall frames.

2. Fridge Locker – Prevents Roommate Food Theft

3. Feather Bed – Adds luxury to any hard dorm bed

4. GTL Laundry Bag – Jersey Shore coined “Gym, Tan, Laundry”

5. Fun Pillowcases – Paparazzi
(Who can’t use extra pillowcases…plus they’re great décor, too!)

6. College Plush Rug – An ultra soft & plush dorm rug

7. Slouchback – Turns your dorm bed into a sofa

8. Glue Dots – The easiest way to hang posters & pics

9. Dorm Storage Cube – Eco-Friendly Dorm multi-purpose cubes for dorm organization.

10. Shower Shorts – Towel that doubles as shorts.

For more great products and to order, go to: www.DormCo.com.