10.10 ADD TV Presents “Voodoo Vengeance”

ADD TV Presents “Voodoo Vengeance”

By Bruce Sullivan

Welcome once again to the Vault of Horror. Now lie back in your grave and get a good grip on your nerves, because we are about to begin the story of “Voodoo Vengeance.” So begins the short horror film by local T.V. producer and film-maker Alex Kantarelis entitled “Voodoo Vengeance,” which arrives just in time for Halloween.

Voodoo Vengeance promo

Voodoo Vengeance promo

When a young man named Alex deviates from his routine by leaving work early one day, fate leads him into a strange antique shop operated by a creepy shopkeeper, played by real life store owner and Andy Warhol look-a-like Jaacob Berendes, who delivers a cryptic message. “The powers of darkness, sir, are infinite…I have that which you seek…Remember this, if you ever wish to do someone harm, or KILL SOMEONE, come to me.”

Alex at first dismisses the guy as just another nut, but when he arrives at his apartment to discover his longtime girlfriend, played by Amy Hilliker, in the arms of another man, a desperate Alex, in a moment of fury, decides to return to the shop where he purchases a mysterious box containing a voodoo doll. Armed with his new controlling power, Alex must choose between trust and control.

The brainchild of actor-director Alex Kantarelis, co-director Dan Brito, and Editor Anthony Bridgford, this pilot ADD TV show episode was completed in record time, and for less than $100 (including pizza and beer). The fun, low budget film, reminiscent of “The Twilight Zone,” is based upon a story from the 1950’s Vault of Horror Comics. Highly stylized and shot in black and white, the film features atmospheric score, weird camera angles, and a decidedly fun, over-the-top feel.

Says Kantarelis, “We are all fans of “The Twilight Zone” and we knew we would shoot in B & W to achieve a certain level of authenticity…We love horror films because they’re fun. If they’re not fun, then what’s the point?”

More enjoyable than a “Teen Mom” marathon, and creepier than the time you caught your uncle “folding” your underwear, “Voodoo Vengeance” is the perfect Halloween diversion. Check out “Voodoo Vengeance,” available at addtvshow.com , and catch Season 2 airing Friday nights on Charter Channel 3 beginning in October.