03.09 On DVD

Jey Crisfar as Otto

Jey Crisfar as Otto

The Bruce La Bruce helmed gay zombie flick Otto; Or, Up With Dead People is now available on DVD following its MOMA debut and nationwide theatrical run.


Canadian director Bruce LaBruce, the man behind such gay-themed, controversial films as Hustler White and The Raspberry Reich, recently premiered his latest and most accomplished film to date, Otto; Or Up With Dead People at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art (with, of course, John Waters in attendance).

The film is a brand new, exceptional addition to the zombie genre that renounces the most obvious clichés, with LaBruce letting his protagonist ~ gay punk zombie Otto ~ ramble and roam the streets of Berlin until he finds himself cast for a low budget flick. Just wrapping up a traveling nationwide theatrical run, Otto will make its debut on DVD this month.