Shuffle down Shrewsbury Street

Shrewsbury Street College Shuffle

The September return of students to their dorms heralds the return of cool weather, fall colors and the annual College Shuffle. On Saturday, Sept.12, college students and their families will have the chance to sample tastings from more than 20 restaurants on Shrewsbury Street, also known as Worcester’s Restaurant Row, from noon-3 p.m.

Steal the Style: Celebrate your hood

Stencil Pillows

Let me just start off by saying: I love Worcester. I bleed Worcester blood. If you cut me open, I guarantee Kelley Squares and Coney Island chili sauce would come bleeding out, along with Harvey Ball smiley faces and Polar Golden Ginger Ale. All great cities have icons. Worcester, as large as it is, does not have just one. It has a bunch of them, none very recognizable to others.

Rooted in cooperation

Worcester Roots

The Worcester Roots Project is planting its community-strengthening and re-shaping business models throughout the city, and if organizers have their way, worker-run businesses will be a big part of Worcester’s future.

Dining Review: Basil N’ Spice offers light, flavorful Thai dining

Basil N' Spice

Each year, I eagerly anticipate the Taste of Shrewsbury Street as an opportunity to investigate the newer restaurants and to touch base with my favorites. This year’s surprise was Basil n’ Spice for its fresh appetizers and cooling beverages. Right then, I knew I had to make a return visit.

StART brings the art to Park Ave.

StArt on the Street

StART on the Street, Worcester’s annual fall arts festival, is back for its 14th year. On Sunday, Sept. 20, more than 250 vendors will take over Park Avenue with handmade arts and crafts, ranging from jewelry to soaps to knit clothing.