Dining Review: The Urban Kitchen + Bar

The Urban Kitchen + Bar

First, let’s take a moment to honor Coral Seafood for providing decades of happy dining experiences. Always on my short list of favorites, the yeasty, soft bread was a signature start, followed by our favorite entrees. For my troupe of friends, the end of the workweek was often celebrated with dinner at “The Coral.” These memories we owe to the hospitality of the Voyiatzis family. Georgia and her son, Jim, welcomed each of us as family.

How to care for your vinyl

How to care for your vinyl

More people are getting into record players now. However, not everyone is well-versed in the preservation of records and players. To those who are new to vinyl, maintaining your vinyl and player is essential for long-term quality.

OnCD: Madonna / Crash Midnight / The Gentle Storm

ONCD: Madonna

Madonna | Rebel Heart

Whether we believe her songs were leaked by some nefarious naysayer or as a meticulous, pre-planned act of self-promotion for Madonna’s plan to take over the world, the Material Girl of 2015 is still savvy and sharp when it comes to what we want to hear.

Can you score a homerun with our Red Sox Trivia?

Red Sox trivia

When I was a little girl and about to turn 7, I had long hair tied in ribbons and wore dresses a lot of the time. But my birthday wishes weren’t visions of Barbie dolls and My Little Ponies. Instead, all I wanted was to go to a baseball game, a wish that came true when I was taken to a game where the Red Sox played the Athletics. To date myself a bit, it was the year Ted Williams retired and the roster included well-known names like Jerry Remy, Wade Boggs, Jim Rice and Dwight Evans. That season, they weren’t No. 1, or even second, but in my opinion, it was a magical year and the year I fell in love with baseball.

Gift ideas for every kind of mom

Mother's Day

Your mom (or the mom-like person you love). The woman who has done her darndest to teach you to use your manners, teach you wrong from right and have you grow up into a decent person. The woman who has been your scolder and a shoulder. The woman who drove you to your practices, helped you with your homework, took care of you when you were sick, cleaned up after you and spent the greater part of her life balancing her personal needs with yours, but always putting you first. Yes … that woman … and you haven’t even gotten her a Mother’s Day gift yet, have you? Mmmhmmm. (End guilt trip.)