Worcester Animal Rescue League starts run club for dogs

WARL Running Club

Imagine being cooped up in a small space, unable to leave or do much other than walk in circles, waiting and hoping for a little reprieve. That’s how most of us probably felt this winter, but that’s how shelter dogs feel every day.

Dining Review: Padavano’s Place


Rather than ignoring what’s common knowledge to the most casual followers of Worcester’s dining scene, let’s start with the obvious: Padavano’s Place is the sister restaurant of Rosalina’s Kitchen, that funky little dining spot over on Grafton Hill. With delicious home-cooked Italian fare, Rosalina’s has been a favorite for informal gatherings, a place about which, back in 2012, I penned, “If you don’t meet friends at Rosalina’s, you’ll usually make a few.”

The ultimate beauty trend ~ perfect eyebrows

Spring Eyebrow Trend

Forget waxing and threading! Big, bold brows are the latest beauty trend this year. Thick, well-groomed eyebrows have been seen on everyone from celebrities to everyday fashionistas. Whether they are heavy or dainty, perfect arches and filled-in brows are great way to frame your face. Check out these ideas to help you get perfect brows.

The stories of Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli

ENTLoriDimond copy

With their pure and spacious instrumental and an outpouring of tender vocals, Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli have made their presence known on Worcester’s music scene. Storytellers at heart, they combine a beautiful classical piano and a warm-toned guitar to make music that seeps into the soul and permeates the senses.

OnCD: Kelly Clarkson / Leon Legacy / Guster


Kelly Clarkson | Piece by Piece

She long ago left the American Idol label behind her, because her talent and her voice sustain her beyond the chains of that talent competition. Despite being its first winner nearly 13 years ago, Clarkson has soared so far beyond because she is simply that good ~ the most talented vocalist to ever come from Idol (sorry, Carrie).